Info for interested students. Please read before applying 🦭

I am always on the lookout for dedicated students from all backgrounds, who are interested in building, breaking and understanding machine learning systems. Incoming PhD students should hold a Master’s degree, ideally in Computer Science or Mathematics, and should be highly-motivated, creative and curious. Good mathematical understanding, or the ambition to learn it, and good coding skills, or the eagerness to develop them, are required. Proficiency in English, both in reading and writing, is essential, while knowledge of the German language is not required.

You do not need to bring previous experience or a background in machine learning, necessarily. Anything that demonstrates your interest in research, coding, and science as a whole is a great addition to any application. Don’t hesitate to share links to your GitHub repositories or open-source contributions when submitting your application. When emailing me, the most important thing to do is to make it clear that your email is addressed to me. To do so, include at least this 🦭 (unicode glyph U+1F9AD) in the subject line. Even better though, contextualize your thoughts and previous experience in light of the topics our group is working on. Describe which areas of collaboration excite you the most, and add details about your thoughts and plans for a PhD with my group.


  • Safety and Security in Machine Learning
  • Privacy, Fairness and Ethics in Trustworthy Machine Learning
  • Efficient Machine Learning (especially for NLP)
  • Deep Learning as-a-Science

If you are interested in these topics, feel free to reach out for more information! I’m currently hiring through the following PhD programs:


I willl be occasionally hiring student assistants (SHK/WHK) from the University of Tübingen. Feel free to inquire for more details, if you are currently enrolled as student at the University of Tübingen.


If you are a predoctoral student, you might be interested in applying to the Max-Planck summer internship program CaCTüS in Tübingen. I am currently considering applications for internships only through this program.